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Climate neutrality by 2050: Demetra’s commitment to data-driven sustainable development

Once again this year Demetra Holding, with the full participation of its group companies – Tecres, Osartis, OsteoRemedies and Yijiutai – confirmed its commitment to sustainability by under going a carbon footprint assessment.

In an increasingly data-driven approach to doing business, the first and fundamental action to plan and realise an authentically sustainable and environmentally friendly development is to equip oneself with tools for measuring and reading data. Consistent with this approach, the decision to undergo a carbon footprint assessment provides a detailed snapshot of the atmospheric emissions generated by the companies belonging to Demetra Holding, both direct and indirect, expressed in tonnes of CO2 equivalent: a fundamental tool to be able to actively contribute to limiting the effects of climate change.

The assessment relating to the activities of 2023 has shown how the companies of the Demetra Holding group have reached, after a journey lasting three years, a precise knowledge of their emissions, based on objective and measurable data, such as to be able to reason consciously about their future in terms of environmental impact.

The next step, therefore, will be to set emission reduction targets, thus ensuring a development strategy and business model compatible with the transition process towards a sustainable economy, such as to limit global warming to below 1.5°C – in line, therefore, with the Paris Agreement, adopted in 2015 at the Climate Conference, and with the ambition to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.